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Donkey Tail Succulent - Sedum Morganianum - 4 inch pot

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Donkey Tail Succulent - Sedum Morganianum

Well grown in an approx. 4 inch nursery pot.

Plant will be shipped in pot.

Sedum morganianum, or Burro’s tail, is a succulent perennial plant native to Mexico. The spindle-shaped leaves are about 1.25 inches (3.2 cm) long and have a grey-green cast to them. Pendulous branches may reach 3 feet or more. They are great plants for hanging baskets. Theses plants are hardy outside in USDA zones 9-11.

Blooming: In late spring the plants bloom in our greenhouse in terminal inflorescences. The flowers are reddish pink and are up to 0.50 inches (1.3 cm) long by 0.50 inches (1.3 cm) wide. The flowers present a striking contrast with the silver green foliage and are very showy.
Propagation: Sedum morganianum plants are propagated by division, leaf cuttings and stem cuttings.

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